Plus Ultra Groningen

Connecting the dots

DNV and Kadans Science Partner teamed op for the development of a new multi-tenant building on Zernike Campus, part of Campus Groningen. The new multi-tenant building will provide DNV, TNO and many others the opportunity to work with international partners on the energy system of the future, sustainable fuels, new technologies and smart energy networks.

The new development in Groningen carries the name ‘Plus Ultra Groningen’. Plus Ultra’ means “ever further”, as a reference to the drive to keep innovating and improving. In addition to accommodation for DNV and TNO, the building offers tailor-made accommodation for start-ups, scale-ups and innovative businesses. The building acts as a catalyst for innovation and stimulates cooperation between businesses, knowledge organizations and educational institutions. Personal meetings are encouraged through shared facilities and ‘meet & greet’ spaces. This way, a unique ecosystem is created in which companies can accelerate their growth.

Zernike Campus, one of the oldest campuses of the Netherlands and part of Campus Groningen, focuses on businesses active in energy, chemistry, life sciences and big data. Plus Ultra Groningen is located on the northern half of the campus. Campus Groningen is the center of innovation, research and entrepreneurship in the north of the Netherlands and is one of the largest campuses of the Netherlands with 190 businesses and three knowledge institutions (RUG, UMCG and Hanzehogeschool).

Proof of the sum was responsible for the architectural design and the interior design of all common spaces.

Key Drivers

  • Community Building
  • Campus environment
  • Knowledge sharing


  • Architectural design
  • Interior design


  • Client: Kadans Science Partner
  • Users: Multiple
  • Team: Roy Pype, Amir Eismann, Lucas Pissetti, Anastasia Printziou, Maurice van den Berg, Blaz Solar, Alvaro Saéz O'Farrell, Natalia Sulkowska-Bakker, Eerde van Leeuwen, Krzysztof Zinger, Claire de Zoete
  • Consultants: Deerns, MTD Landschapsarchitecten, Tielemans
  • Contractors: Friso Bouwbedrijf, Lammerink
  • Visualization: Proof of the sum
  • Photography: Marcel van der Burg, Proof of the sum, Geert Job Sevink
  • Film: Volk