What we do

What we do is helping knowledge driven organisations like research centers, universities, high schools and campuses to enhance knowledge sharing throughout their facilities. From small scale co-working environment up to the complete ecosystems within a campus.

Why? See it in this eight minute TEDx-talk! Click the brains...


Designing for connection.

The mere fact of bringing people together is in itself a source of new elements but not necessarily a source of innovation. Innovation or new developments arise where or when new or unexpected connections are made. Our brain is the most complex example of this. Billions of neurons communicate with each other through synaptic networking at a speed of 480 kilometres per hour. These neurones only function properly if they are emerged in the proper chemical mix. The built enviroment contributes to this mix. Proof of the sum makes concepts for those environments



We want to know if things work out. Does a spatial design really contribute to knowledge sharing? Does a certain campus layout enhance open innovation? What are the do's and dont's in an incubator environment? And which balance to find between focus and collaboration? Together with strong and unexpected research partners we investigate field situations. And Proof of the sum shares the results with you. Sharing is caring. Agree?


Getting it there.

You discovered together with Proof of the sum the right design concept for your organisational environment! Congrats. And now you just want to get it there. Physically. We're here to guide you through the journey of design devolopment, tendering, building and finally getting the last desks in place. Proof of the sum works with strong partners. Because we also believe in the power of these connections.