Utrecht Science Park Bilthoven

entering the future

The departure of RIVM to Utrecht Science Park (expected in 2022) will free up space at Utrecht Science Park Bilthoven (USPB). With Bilthoven Biologicals and Intravacc as anchor tenants, this offers opportunities to further develop and profile this area with a main focus on the development, testing and production of vaccines and related products or services.

The management of USPB has commissioned a team of experts to draw up a development vision for this science park. Proof of the sum, Karres and Brands, Arup and Zjak Consult (all partners in the Innovation Area Development Partnership) have started the work.

This is a great opportunity to redevelop the area into a state of the art science park. The departure of RIVM and a further concentration of the buildings of Bilthoven Biologicals creates space for new buildings and combinations of old and new so that the history of the area as a world player in the field of vaccines remains visible. We will be devoting a great deal of attention to creating an attractive work climate. The layout of the site and the buildings will be aimed at stimulating interaction between the companies and institutions at the science park. The fact that we are now tackling this with a multidisciplinary team will undoubtedly lead to a well-thought-out plan that will interest current and future tenants, investors and the direct surrounding area.

Both the landscape and the existing cultural heritage on site create a unique identity for USPB. The design embodies a welcoming, green and attractive environment. This results in a pleasant and walkable campus. And while the interior of the buildings is well connected with the exterior landscape, extra attention has been paid in the design to ensure safety and security for everybody.

Key drivers

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Focus on vaccin related development
  • Young industrial heritage


  • Masterplanning


  • Client: Utrecht Science Park Bilthoven
  • Users: various
  • Team: Roy Pype, Blaz Solar
  • Consultants: Karres+Brands, Arup, Zjak Consult
  • Visualisations: Karres+Brands, Vivid Vision