We’re looking for an intern with eyes on research!

Proof of the sum believes in the power of connections and creating unforeseen networks. Not only in the buildings we make but also in the way we work. Research forms the basis of our designs.

Proof of the sum offers a (graduation) internship for a student in architecture, business administration or organizational psychology. During this internship you’ll be executing desk research on the relationship between knowledge sharing and the design of buildings and campuses. In addition, you will activily contribute to the projects of Proof of the sum for various clients.

Please let us know what you believe, what your trackrecord looks like and where it should bring you in the future. Let us know what it takes to have you in our network. Let’s get connected. We will take you on a lunch when  your story makes our hearthbeat skip. During this lunch we’ll discuss all the boring ánd inspiring elements of this internship.

We love digital so you can send your story in Dutch or English to info@proofofthesum.com.

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