Proof of the sum takes off!

Dear reader,

On July 1, Proof of the sum takes off! Proof of the Sum is a spatial design studio at the interface between architecture and organizational psychology. The agency focuses on knowledge-intensive companies and (educational) institutions who want discover, fulfill and proof the powerful relationship between spatial design and knowledge sharing.


“We start this studio because we believe in the power of connection “

key questions

Together with clients, users and knowledge partners, Proof of the sum searches for answers and evidence for a number of key questions. How is knowledge shared within a (built) environment? How to contribute the design of a building to knowledge sharing, privacy, meeting and synergy? And how ca we link  spatial design to business objectives and ambitions? And after finding these answers we actually build it! Find more about our activities.


Finest clients and partners

Proof of the sum is thrilled to collaborate with clients and (knowledge) partners who want to go with proven concepts or want to prove that the jointly developed design solutions really work. Together e don’t  take half measures and share the results with the outside world. The departments, buildings or campuses that we realize together are both sample and test case for knowledge!



Proof of the sum start its journey physically from July 11 at Amsterdam Science Park. You can find all the opportunities to connect on our contact page.


Do you enjoy to help building Proof of the sum? Make a suggestion for date and location and we’ll discover how our synapses will connect.


See you soon!

ps: our logo is designed by Annemarie van Amerongen; thanks Annemarie!



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