Proof is looking for an architect!

Proof of the sum believes in the power of connections and the creation of unexpected networks. Not only in the buildings we make, but also in the way we work. Fast, focused and in changing teams. We only work for clients who dare to put the strengthening of knowledge sharing first.

It’s time for us to get in contact with architects who believe in the strength of architecture beyond powerful aesthetics and sustainable designs. Those are given facts nowadays. We seek architects who are willing to find out how physical environments can enhance knowledge sharing. By designing ánd by doing research. The designer we are looking for can push switches by his experience. He or she knows what it is to shift between concept, sketch plan, competition and elaboration. You see fun in the large and also small scale of projects on which Proof of the sum is working.

Let us know what you believe in, what your track record looks like and where you want to be in five years from now. Let us know what it takes to include you in our network. Let’s make contact. If your story (or details) lets our heart skip a beat, we will invite you over to our office. Then we discuss all the boring and fun elements of our cooperation.

It concerns a challenging function of 36 hours per week. The salary is in accordance with CAO architects and depends on experience. You can start immediately and will work on projects in the Netherlands and Belgium.

We love digital so your story and portfolio can be sent to

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