The knowledge driven hospital

Patients at first, knowledge sharing central

How does the structure of a hospital looks like if we still prioritize the patient but put the knowledge sharing among medical professionals central? This question was proposed by an international medical supplier.

The technological and social developments related to health care are moving fast. Empowered patient’s, aging, digitization, eHealth, telehealth, big data and comorbidity are some developments that have structural impact on the hospital of the future.

In the structural design, a central knowledge forum forms the heart of the building. From this heart are the tactics for hotfloor, hotel and outpatient clinic are very short. In the knowledge forum, room for multidisciplinary (tele)consultation, co-reflections, meetings and individual concentration workstations are strongly put together. All medical professionals come here at least twice along every day.

The other building parts are specific to their own function. The hotfloor contains all the complex functions such as medical imaging, laboratory and operating rooms. The hotel includes the rooms for short or long-term residency. The latter are interchangeable and downscaleable because of shorter hospital stay. The outpatient clinic provides the contact center between doctor and patient.

The master plan has been prepared to be mirrored in the future. The reason for this may lie in a combination of technical aging, bed reduction or shift in the manner in which care is granted (remotely).

Key drivers

  • Sharing knowledge
  • Multidisciplinary cooperation
  • Efficiency
  • Adaptability


  • Design concept
  • Programming


  • Client: Private
  • Visualization: Proof of the sum