Startup Village Amsterdam

investigating and enhancing knowledge sharing

Startup Village Amsterdam and Proof of the sum signed a letter of intent to jointly investigate how knowledge sharing at Startup Village Amsterdam works and how it can continuously be enhanced in the future.  This agreement was signed during the first ever event at Startup Village Amsterdam at which Proof of the sum presented her vision on the relationship between knowlegde sharing and the built environment.

Startup Village Amsterdam
Startup Village Amsterdam (  is a new community working space at Amsterdam Science Park where the most innovative high-tech and science based startups will be hosted. Startup Village is an initiative by ACE Venture LabAmsterdam Science Park and UvA Holding. Startup Village is a design by Julius Taminiau architects and inspired by Pop Brixton and the Container House Project, a pioneering communityspace in Brixton London.
Startup Village is home to ACE Venture Lab, a high-tech and science based incubator. ACE helps entrepreneurs (students, PhD’s and alumni) build their innovative companies. The village will be opened for the first tenants on October 3rd. Proof of the sum will be one of the inhabitants.

Shared goal
Startup Village and Proof of the sum team up because of their mutual interest in investigating how knowledge is shared throughout the built environment. They want to execute joint research about how knowledge sharing and innovation acceleration functions at Startup Village and how it is influenced by its inhabitants, location and spatial design.

Both parties want to combine current knowledge on this issues with in-field investigation on Startup Village on the one hand. On the other hand they want to initiate new research on Startup Village by combining knowledge about architecture, organisational psychology, big data, logistics, etc.

Research partners
In future, more research partners will be added to this cooperation. Those partners act in the field of psychology, modelling, people flows, tracking and data analytics. Do you want to join? Feel free to contact us.

First steps
Startup Village Amsterdam and Proof of the sum will investigate first the following elements: How does the population of SUV looks like and how does it evolve through time? How do the inhabitants of the village move over the campus? How, how frequent and where do the inhabitants of Startup Village have contact with other inhabitants of Amsterdam Science Park? And by which target goups is Startup Village Amsterdam visited by others? The first results will be presented first half of 2017.

Key drivers

  • Investigating knowledge sharing
  • Enhancing community building
  • Continuously learning and improvement


  • Research, research funding


  • Client: Startup Village Amsterdam
  • Consultants: Amsterdam Science Park
  • Startup Village was designed by Julius Taminiau