Startup Village Amsterdam

Building further on previous success

Startup Village is creating over 200 new workspaces for startups.

Furthering their mission to bring together science and entrepreneurship, Startup Village will create over 200 new workspaces for startups – more than doubling the current amount of office space – and add a blockchain lab as a centerpiece for the new expansion. The expansion should contribute to adding blockchain businesses and projects to the Startup Village’s current mix of companies at Amsterdam Science Park.

Startup Village provides workspaces and facilities to high-tech and science-based startups that benefit from easy access to top-notch research institutes and the University of Amsterdam’s science faculties. The idea behind Startup Village, an initiative by ACE IncubatorAmsterdam Science Park and UvA Ventures Holding, is to initiate collaborations with entrepreneurs, students, companies, researchers and innovators. At the location, ACE Incubator actively works on engaging groups of people with hot topics such as AI and blockchain.

Proof of the sum is honoured, as resident of Startup Village, to design the upcoming expansion and to keep focussing on enhancing knowledge sharing between all startups, students and other residents.

Key drivers

  • Enhancing community building
  • Creating places for startups
  • Facilitating growth


  • Architectural design


  • Client: ACE Incubator
  • Users: Kite Pharma and various others
  • Team: Roy Pype, Lucas Pissetti, Alvaro Saéz O'Farrell, Natalia Sulkowska, Maurice van den Berg
  • Consultants: Frogleap Engineering
  • Visualization: Proof of the sum
  • First phase and concept: Julius Taminiau