Plus Ultra III Wageningen

First Cross Laminated Timber laboratory in the Netherlands

Located within Wageningen Campus at the Business District, Plus Ultra III enjoys a strategic position at the so-called ‘Entrepeneurial Square’ (het Ondernemersplein). Its position at the square allows a dialogue and exchange of users with its direct neighbors; the earlier-realized Plus Ultra I and Plus Ultra II. Besides, Plus Ultra III attracts students, entrepreneurs, researchers, and visitors from the entire WUR campus.

The 8.500 m2 building offers a diverse range of spaces tailored to the needs of various companies, ranging from all sizes and all life phases. Plus Ultra III contains 7.500 m2 of flexible spaces for state-of-the-art laboratories, pilot plants and offices. For all its different users, the five storey high building establishes – together with Plus Ultra I and Plus Ultra II – an active community. Plus Ultra III’s shared meeting spaces, co-working and flex working areas establish the perfect eco-system for innovation. The clustering of these communal functions around the atrium, establishes a social beating heart for
its community.

A first wooden building for laboratory
Plus Ultra III exemplifies our ethos for sustainability, with a design focused on minimizing environmental impact and setting an example by using recycled and low-carbon materials. With the use of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) floors and wooden beams and columns the construction of the building becomes CO2 negative. Plus Ultra III will become the first building in the country, dedicated to laboratory spaces, consisting for almost entirely out of a wooden (CLT) construction.

The facade focusses on the use of recycled plastic, which is specially designed for Plus Ultra III. Furthermore, the details of the building are conceived in such a way to become demountable. Together with the use of solar panels, geothermal energy storage and the integration of nature inclusivity on the terrain and facade, Plus Ultra III aligns with the mission of Wageningen University & Research; ‘To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life.’

Additionally, Plus Ultra III is on track to achieve BREEAM Excellent certification, underscoring our commitment to creating spaces that prioritize both people and planet.

As part of the sustainable way of thinking and realizing a future proof building, flexibility takes a central role in the design of Plus Ultra III. The lay-out of the building allows future adjustments to spaces, functions and the installations, without any complicated technical changes. Throughout the life span of a certain tenant in the building, the spaces can be adjusted toward the new demands.

Plus Ultra III makes use of a double heighted plinth, due to the functionality of the pilot plants on the
ground floor. By implementing high windows, covering two floors, the building showcases its function to its environment; both the Entrepreneurial Square and the campus. As a result, pedestrians can catch a glimpse of the newest research and developments in the field of agri-food, life sciences, health, medical technology, biobased industry and high-tech. The double heighted plinth anchors itself in its surroundings by a robust two meter high, concrete pedestal. This continues element entails all four facades and binds together all exceptions, like the logistical façade on the west.

Starting from the second floor upwards, the façade grows per layer 10 centimetres. This movement mimics the mass of Plus Ultra I and refers to the translation of ‘Plus Ultra’; further beyond.

Aligned with the entrance axis of Plus Ultra I, the atrium of Plus Ultra III positions itself in the heart of the building. Due to the pilot plant activities, including their technical and logistic demands, the common atrium starts on the first floor. This means a diagonal movement is established from the ‘Ondernemersplein’ toward the heart of the building. This is being expressed by a huge aperture facing the square.

In order to prevent noise nuisance toward its environment, the technical spaces on the roof are included within the façade. By doing so, the expression of the building becomes calm and consistent. Pedestrians, won’t notice the presence of larger technical devices.

Completion Date
Construction on Plus Ultra III is starting in 2024, with completion expected for Q3 2025.

Key drivers

  • Knowledge sharing
  • CLT construction
  • Recycled facade materials
  • BREEAM-excellent
  • Multi-tenant


  • Client: Kadans Science Partner
  • Users: Multiple
  • Team: Roy Pype, Maurits van Ardenne, Eerde van Leeuwen, Johan Pragt, Joana Marques
  • Consultants: Loos van Vliet, Lüning, KVMC, BBL brandadviesbureau, E-consultancy
  • Contractors: Wijnen Bouw, Instaan Installaties, Van de Pol Elektrotechniek
  • Visualizations: Renderji