Incubator BlueChem

A beating heart in a flexible body

Blue Gate Antwerp is a brownfield, south of Antwerp, which is being redeveloped into a high-quality, water-bound and eco-effective business park. The ambitions of the initiators, the city of Antwerp and Flanders, are high and are shared by the private partners who have joined the project. Blue Gate Antwerp must become a top location in Flanders and Europe. Innovation comes first, both in terms of logistics and eco-production.

BlueChem is the future incubator for sustainable chemistry on the Blue Gate Antwerp site. It is the mission of BlueChem to guarantee and strengthen the future of the chemical industry in Belgium by offering infrastructural, financial and go-to-market services to starters and chemical projects in sustainable chemistry. In this way the incubator wants to give these starting companies and projects the greatest possible chance of success. BlueChem operates within the eco-system of the chemical industry and its networks in Antwerp.

Proof got 2nd place in a strong international competition!

Key drivers

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Enhancing innovation
  • Flexibility towards unknown users


  • Competition design


  • Client: BlueChem
  • Users: BlueChem
  • Team: Roy Pype, Stefano Barile, Lucas Pissetti, Ovidija Zemaityt√©, Nora Maria Zechmeister
  • Consultants: Van Roey, Modulo, VK Engineering
  • Visualization: Proof of the sum