Gouweloos Headquarters


Gouweloos has been designing, installing and maintaining complex and high-quality building installations for almost 100 years. With a focus on electrical engineering. Proof of the sum has been challenged to design a new work environment in which knowledge sharing between marketing, projects, services and finance is central. One-stop shopping in tangible form.

As a technical service provider, Gouweloos offers a total concept. From feasibility studies to long-term maintenance for electrical installations. From its location in Rotterdam, Gouweloos serves public and private clients in the Netherlands.

The office building in Rotterdam has two floors. A new void will connect both floors. On the ground floor a logical workflow is created from sales to aftercare. Each discipline has its own working area where transparency on the one hand but privacy on the other, are leading for the design. The first floor is used for (in) formal consultation and management. 

The short sight and walk lines are reinforced by the use of materials. Restrained and pure on the ground floor. Intense and generous on the upper floor. The spatial relationship between the two provides an interesting balance.

Proof of the sum is responsible for the complete interior design, from structural adjustment to the choice of furniture and planting.

Key drivers

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Interaction
  • Communication


  • Interior design
  • Furniture design


  • Client: Gouweloos
  • Users: Gouweloos
  • Team: Roy Pype, Gosia Machaj, Annemieke van den Brink
  • Contractors: Gouweloos, Verwol
  • Visualization: Proof of the sum
  • Photography: Marcel van der Burg, Proof of the sum