Biology Center University of Vienna

A 'wunderkammer' for research and education

More than 3000 enthusiastic and inquisitive students and researchers from the extensive field of biology need a special space for their work – a space that communicates! This space should build networks, create synergies and make people curious … curious about the next steps of their education and curious about the next exciting phase in life.

The University Biology Center of Vienna St. Marx is a teaching and learning center for the Faculty of Life Sciences. The building includes a varied room program consisting of premises, laboratories, classrooms, various study possibilities, meeting areas and a cafeteria for students, lecturers and researchers.

The new teaching and research facility offers anspiring and pleasant place of work and meeting. The building is intended to help its users in their search for the exploration and development of new innovation. Innovations can best be achieved through interdisciplinary knowledge exchange. This exchange and it takes place by staging the expected and unexpected encounters. This will arise between different research fields, between researchers and students, visitors and everyday users. This ambition of knowledge exchange embodies the essence of the design concept.

Key drivers

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Crossbreeding students and researchers
  • Communication
  • Efficiency


  • Design Concept


  • Client: University of Vienna
  • Users: students and researchers in the field of biology
  • Team: Roy Pype, Lucas Pissetti, Natalia Sulkowska
  • Consultants: in close collaboration with NOAHH
  • Visualization: NOAHH + Proof of the sum