We’re looking for experienced BIM-engineers

Proof of the sum is looking for BIM-engineers with an eye for detail

Proof of the sum believes in the power of connections and the creation of unexpected networks. Not only in the buildings we make, but also in the way we work. Fast, focused and in rapidly changing teams.

It is time to get in touch with BIM-engineers who believe in architecture  beyond the aesthetics and sustainability. After all, they are obvious today. Building-engineers who, together with our architects, structure, shape and realize the projects. The engineers we are looking for only work in a 3D world (Archicad is a pre) and link a sense of reality to setting ambitious steps. Your knowledge level fits the questions of tomorrow.

Let us know what you believe in, what your track record looks like and where it should take you in the future. Let us know what it takes to include you in our team. Let’s make contact. If your story allows us to skip our heartbeat, we treat a lunch. Then we discuss all the boring and fun elements of our cooperation.

We love digital so your story and portfolio can be sent to info@proofofthesum.com.

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