Explore lab Fontys | Eindhoven

Education environment for 21st century health questions

Explore Lab
In the summer of 2016 an Explore Lab will be built in building TF of ‘Fontys Hogeschool Mens en Gezondheid’ and ‘Fontys Paramedische Hogeschool’ are given the opportunity to practice, make mistakes, learn and develop their talent in varying convertible practical situations. In short: a flexible, adaptive, inviting learning environment that fits perfectly within modern education.

The Explore Lab also provides space for the EGT Living Lab (the Lab of the Fontys Expertisecenter for Health and Technology). The current EGT lab is giving you the space to really invest in research and education, Fontys, along with EGT partners, is working on technological developments in health care, by experimenting with each other and learn.

Do it yourself
Explore Lab is literally a do it yourself education environment that can be organized by students to the needs of their research project. All the technology of light, cameras, sensors and ventilation is installed plug & play in the ceiling. Using theater techniques, wireless applications and variable lighting(colours various conditions can be simulated. Complemented by mobile units, flexible walls and stage curtains, research environment can change within a day.

Key drivers

  • Knowledge sharing between student, teachers, patients and partnering companies
  • Making unexpected connections between the different bloudgroops of Fontys
  • Adaptability and flexiblitity
  • Students adapt the environment themself

Delivered Services

  • Design concept
  • (all services executed by Roy Pype as associate partner of Wiegerinck architectuur stedenbouw)


  • Client: Fontys
  • Architect: Wiegerinck architectuur stedenbouw
  • Visuals: Wiegerinck architectuur stedenbouw